Veterinary Diagnostic X-ray Machine 5KW-NEWHEEK 



Veterinary Diagnostic X-ray Machine 5KW

The main technical parameters: 1、 Power requirements voltage:220V±10% Power frequency:50Hz±0.5Hz Power supply resistance: 2Ω battery capacity:200VA 2、 Technical Parameters: Tube voltage (kV): 40 ~ 110kV (1kV increments / decr……
Product Introduction

 The main technical parameters:

1、Power requirements

   voltage:220V±10%                                  Power frequency:50Hz±0.5Hz  

 Power supply resistance: 2Ω                                       battery capacity:200VA

2、Technical Parameters:

Tube voltage (kV): 40 ~ 110kV (1kV increments / decrement)

Tube current (mA): 20,30,40,50,60,80,100 mA

Exposure time (s): 0.04 to 5.0 s

3、Photography bed

Bed size: 1200 × 700 × 745 (mm) (length × width × height)

Bed movement range: vertical ± 250mm horizontal ± 100mm

Focus distance: 1100mm

4、X-ray tube assembly, column                 

Move up and down: 590 mm

Rotate around the center of the arm: ± 90

Maximum size of film holder: 356mm × 432mm (14 "× 17")

6、Filter (fixed) Gate density: N103 Focal length: 1000mm

7、Maximum size: 1200 (length) × 885 (width) × 2040 (high)


 (1)Designed for animal photography, easy to operate

 (2)Imported X-ray host, the quality is better

 (3)Standard battery-powered, film effects from AC power conditions, power failure can also be film.

 (4)Double panel control, can operate in the near Taiwan, but also compartment operation, so that doctors away from radiation damage

Track-type clip structure design, light and flexible operation.

 (5)improved internal balance structure, shape simple, beautiful.

Machine integrated design, small footprint, suitable for small veterinary use

 (6)South Korea aluminum-based fine lines fixed filter grid, the image is more clear

Floating bed, electromagnetic lock

9、Detail image:

Veterinary Diagnostic X ray Machine (5KW)

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